Right-of-Way Permit Information

To perform ANY work within the Town’s Right-of-Way (such as adding a driveway or driveway apron, connect to a storm drain, add plantings or trees to the edge of the property, etc.) you MUST submit a completed Right-of-Way Permit Application via the Town's Online Permit website here

All Applications

Why Do I Need a Right of Way Permit? Because the Town Ordinance says so.

Current List of Right of Way Licensed Contractors: here (.pdf document)

Step by Step Instructions for applying for a General (Right of Way) Permit: here 

Please review the Standard Road Details for Narragansett before applying. The PDF file is located here. The RIDOT Standard 43.4.1 for Driveway Development for 6' transition curb is located here.

Narragansett Code of Ordinances - Storm Drains & Connections is located here: Storm Drains & Connections. It is recommended that a review of this Ordinance should be made before applying for a Right of Way Permit.