A History of Narragansett

Narragansett's emergence as a prominent seaside resort began with a friendly sightseeing tour, cementing a mid-Nineteenth Century business relationship. Before that occurrence Narragansett had essentially been a slow-growing, quiet corner of a vast rural area. Namesake of the proud Native American tribe, Narragansett had existed for almost two centuries primarily as a simple farming and fishing community.

Narragansett's status, however, changed dramatically in 1848, when Joseph H. Dulles, a Philadelphian with large estates in South Carolina, visited Rowland G. Hazard of Peace Dale, a village adjoining Narragansett, to purchase cloth from Hazard's mills for Dulles' farm laborers.

The History of Narragansett - by John Miller
A local historian, John Miller, has been gracious to provide the Town with a paper detailing the history of Narragansett.

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