Tax Assessor

The mission of this office is to discover, list, and determine accurate values of all taxable property (real, motor vehicle, and tangible) in a fair, efficient, and cost effective manner.  All in accordance with local and state laws so that the distribution of the tax burden is fair and equitable. 

The 2021 Homestead Application period is 1/1/2021 to 3/15/2021

Current Tax Rates

- per thousand 
  • Residential - 10.48
  • Motor Vehicle - 16.46
  • Commercial/Tangible - 14.15
Tax Assessors Online database

Important Dates & Deadlines

Date Deadline
January 31
Deadline for filing Statement of Account
January 31 Deadline for filing Tangible Return
January 31 Deadline for applications for Farm, Forest, and Open Space Program
March 15
Deadline for applications for Senior, Veteran and Homestead 
June 15
Certification of Tax Roll
August 15 Deadline for filing Motor Vehicle appeals
September 28
Deadline for filing appeals for Real Estate and Tangible Tax
December 31
Assessment date