Open Burning Laws

The following activities are prohibited:

  • During construction or demolition of buildings or structures, no waste materials or rubbish shall be disposed of by burning on the property or in the immediate vicinity.
  • The burning of solid waste.
  • The burning of wood that has been treated with chemicals, paint, stain, or other finishing materials.
  • Open fires on any commercial property.

The following activities require a permit issued by the fire department:

  • Permit required on public grounds. No person shall set or maintain any bonfire or other open fire of any kind or authorize any such fire to be set or maintained on any public ground without a permit issued by the chief of the fire department or the chief's designee. The permit may set such limitations or conditions as determined appropriate by the chief or the chief's designee.
  • Permit required for bonfires on private land.
  • Permit required for the burning of cut brush and leaves.

The following activities do not require a permit issued by the fire department:

  • A person may burn combustible material on any private residential land if the fire is contained in a burner with a closed or properly screened top, approved by the fire prevention bureau, including chimeneas or other movable, closed fire containers available for retail purchase. Fire rings and stone rings shall be allowed as long as all combustible materials are cleared to a minimum of seven feet away and the ring is less than 30 inches in diameter. Such fire containers are to be located safely on private residential property no less than 15 feet from any structure and ten feet from any property line or combustible fence.
  • Gas and charcoal fired grills.
  • Residential fires are limited to the period from sunrise to midnight.