Age 65 and Older Exemption Form
This form allows for persons age 65 years old and older to be exempt from the State Water Quality Protection Charge, which is a state-mandated charge on every water bill. This form may be returned in person, by mail, or by fax (401) 782-0669.

Mail forms to:
25 Fifth Ave.
Narragansett, RI 02882

Please note that proof of residence and age must be provided with the form in order to qualify for this program.
Exemption Form

Master - Indemnity

This form releases the town from liability should you request that your water service be turned on or off without you being present. Please note that this original form must be notarized and returned to us in person or by mail. Faxed forms cannot be accepted.
Master - Indemnity Form

New Water Rates – 2023

These are the annual charges for water usage, which are reviewed each year as a part of the budget process. Water billing is done on a quarterly basis, and includes a minimum charge and, if applicable (depending on usage), an excess charge. These rates apply to those property owners that are directly serviced by the town; if you are serviced by Veolia Water RI, you are billed directly by them. Veolia may be contacted at (401) 789-0271 for information about their rates and charges.
New Water Rates 2023

Water – Sewer Application

This form is used to apply for a new sewer or water service, or for a repair. As there are fees that apply to each type of connection, please contact the Water / Wastewater office at (401) 782-0639 for further information. In order to be processed, the appropriate fee must be returned with the completed application.
Water – Sewer Application