Mobile Integrated Health Program


Our Program

The South County Mobile Integrated Health program is a non-emergency, community-based service with a focus on health promotion, system navigation, and injury prevention. 
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The goal of the South County Mobile Integrated Health Program is to guide patients towards general health and well-being, connect patients with appropriate healthcare services, and to facilitate higher level care when patients are unable to take an active role in the management of their own health care needs. 

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Our Focus:

To provide follow-up care for selected individuals with chronic illnesses who have been recently discharged from the hospital. Additionally, our Mobile Integrated Health providers will connect at-risk populations to appropriate resources, including those who frequently use emergency services.

Our Staff:

The South County Mobile Integrated Health staff are Paramedics and EMTs that work for the Narragansett Fire Department, Charlestown EMS, and South Kingstown EMS and who volunteered to provide select medical services out in their community.   

What is a MIH Provider and what is Mobile Integrated Health?

An MIH provider is a trained healthcare professional that provides non-emergency healthcare services in the community where they work.  These practitioners receive specialized training in order to perform at home services and assessments.     

Mobile Integrated Health is the provision of healthcare using patient-centered mobile resources in the out-of-hospital environment.

Who can benefit from our Mobile Integrated Health Program?

Anyone needing extra help can utilize our offered services but the program will truly impact high risk clients living at home with medical issues including Diabetes, COPD, CHF, and other Co-Morbidities that require frequent care and assessment.  

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