Boards and Commissions

Member Information


Information pertaining to Boards, Committees or Commissions and their members are available on the OnBoard website.

Live Stream

You can view live and previous Planning and Zoning Board meetings on YouTube starting March 21, 2023

Application Information

If you are interested in becoming a member of any of the above listed Boards, Committees or Commissions please complete and sign the Boards, Commissions and Committees Application and submit to the Town Clerk's Office. The Town Council's rules for the selection process, requirements for membership and review of appointments to boards, committees and commissions can be found here Member Application

Annual Report Information

Each year, the Boards and Committees are required to submit an Annual Report on the accomplishments and challenges from the past year. Through their participation, many decisions and courses of action were established that have benefited this community. The Town Council appreciates all the volunteers for their interest  and willingness to work for the improvement and contributions to our town government. 

2022 Annual Reports
2021 Annual Reports
2018 Annual Reports
2017 Annual Reports
2016 Annual Reports