Building Inspection

The Town of Narragansett now uses E-Permitting, see the below link to start your building permit.

Narragansett E-Permit

The Building Inspection Department is responsible for the issuance of building permits and for performing field inspections to ensure compliance of Federal, State and Local Building Codes.  This Department also enforces the Town Zoning Ordinance, minimum housing standards, flood zone requirements, ADA and ISDS regulations, as well as rental registrations within the Town.

Inspection Information

Any request for a building inspection must be made by the contractor 24 hours in advance. Please give name of owner, address of property, type of inspection, and permit number. The building permit card must be posted on the job site for ALL inspections.  In addition, all approved plans and engineering specifications must be on-site at all times during construction or no inspections will be performed.  A sticker will be attached to the building permit card, either approving or rejecting the work.

Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical

Inspections for plumbing, electrical and mechanical are done on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You must call one day ahead of time with the property address and the permit number.  A sticker will be attached to the permit card either approving or rejecting the work.



Failure to pass an inspection or have the permit card on site along with the approved construction plans will result in a $35 re-inspection fee.

Certificate of Occupancy

Once all the required inspections have been made, the card must be turned in with all final approval stickers to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.  The certificate will be available within 10 days of receipt of your card and the fee is $50.

More Information

Contact the Building Inspector at (401) 782-0619 for more information.