2022 Stone/Chip Sealing

                                           UPDATE 9-27-2022

Due to inclement weather that affected their other projects last week, All States Materials Group has notified us that they plan to start the Stone/Chip Sealing Project on Monday, October 3rd, weather permitting. This project should take 2-3 days, again weather permitting. We apologize for any inconvenience.

All State Materials Group will be applying a surface treatment to various roads in Narragansett. This project will take approximately 2 to 3 days (weather permitting) to complete all the roads scheduled for this treatment. Door hanger notices were distributed to all houses on the selected roads.

The following roads will receive this treatment:

Indian Trail, Flint Dr, Bow Run, Arrow Dr

Riverdell Dr, Oyster Shell Terrace, Misty River Terrace, Coral Shell Terrace, Parsley Ln, Ginger Ln, Cinnamon Ln

Dirt roads to received a double-treatment:

Pawnee Trail, Presque Isle Trail, Mohawk Trail (between Bonnet Point Rd & Presque Isle Trl), Algonquin Trail (between Bonnet Point Rd & Ottawa Trl)

Surface Treating (also known as Stone or Chip Sealing) is a cost effective method of treating pavement surfaces to slow down the rate of deterioration and extend the useful life of the pavement.  It is also an affordable and acceptable procedure for unpaved roads that require yearly grooming maintenance with a grader machine. Stone/Chip Sealing gives the unpaved road a durable surface to prevent loss of dirt and gravel due to inclement weather and snow plowing. Unpaved roads will be given a double treatment of the Stone/Chip seal product to achieve a substantial & sustainable base over the dirt.

 Stone/Chip Seal Benefits:

  • Waterproofs and seals small cracks and imperfections, preserving structural integrity
  • Enriches aged and oxidized asphalt pavements
  • Improves skid resistance and provides durable friction
  • Protects underlying pavement from traffic wear
  • Stretches maintenance dollars as one of the lowest cost treatments available
  • Effective preventive maintenance preserves the value of your pavements

Stone/Chip seals are a highly cost-effective pavement preservation treatment  that protects aging pavement surfaces, seals and waterproofs the existing pavement, and provides a new wearing surface.

Chip seals combine an asphalt layer and cover aggregate to provide a skid resistant wearing surface. The treatment preserves and protects the aging surface, fills minor cracks, and seals and waterproofs the existing pavement.

Chip seals provide increased durability and are typically applied to roads with traffic volumes up to 2,500 AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic). Multi-layered chip seals may also be used to greatly improve resistance to reflective cracking on existing roads, or as a first asphalted surface on low-traffic, well-graded gravel roads. Worldwide, chip seals are the most widely used pavement preservation treatments.

Please make appropriate arrangements for your vehicles to be off the road by 7am, when they are in the area.  We ask that you please park on side streets if you need to go out during the day. Please be patient with the contractor, this is only a temporary condition, the more freedom that they have to perform their work, the faster they will move on the next street.  You will not be allowed to drive over the new surface until for at least one hour after the treatment has been applied.

Once the product has been allowed to set and solidify, DPW sweepers will come through and sweep up any excess, residual stone still on the road.

Please be aware of your pets paws during this time.  Allow the road treatment to settle before allowing your pets to travel on the road surface to prevent loose stone being caught in the pads of their paws!

Also, shoes should be left outside until the road treatment has settled to prevent loose stone & oil from being tracked into your house.

Any questions can be directed to Erin Haggarty, DPW Clerk at ehaggarty@narragansettri.gov