Street Light Conversion

The Town’s street light conversion and maintenance contractor, Siemens, has begun the work to convert street lights in Narragansett to high efficiency LED fixtures. 

 This is a Town-wide project that will reduce our energy consumption and electricity costs by replacing all existing fixtures with energy efficient equipment, and will allow for additional savings through the use of programmed dimming schedules. The illumination provided by the new LED fixtures will be noticeably different than the existing fixtures and may appear brighter, especially during the initial operating stage immediately following replacement of the existing fixtures. 

 We will coordinate with Siemens to resolve issues as they are identified with individual street light locations during the project.

If you are experiencing any issues related to street lights in Narragansett, please report them via the online portal on the Department of Public Works web page on the Town’s website (  or by calling the Department of Public Works at 401-782-0687.