Motor Vehicle Tax Information

Vehicles registered in Narragansett are taxed for the previous calendar year, (i.e. 2013 tax bills are for vehicles registered during the 2012 calendar year).

By law you are required to change your address with the Rhode Island DMV within 10 days of moving. By law you are required to physically return your plates to the Rhode Island DMV.

You are taxed on the amount of days you have an active registration. Moving, selling, gifting, junking your vehicle, throwing away your plates, registering your vehicle in a new State etc. do not constitute the proper way of cancelling your registration.

If you do not return your plates to the DMV you will be responsible for the taxes until you do so or the plates expire, whichever occurs first. Please see for more information and the correct procedure for returning your license plates.

Please do not mail your plates to the Assessor’s Office.