Cabana Policy


The intent of this policy is to provide a preference to Town residents and taxpayers with respect to the rental of cabanas and changing rooms. It is further the intent of this policy to cease the practice of placing multiple names on lease agreements to preserve the lessees' rights to pass on or assign the right to lease a cabana or changing room. To effectuate this intent, all lessees whose initial lease of a cabana or changing room commences after January 1, 2005, shall be limited to having two names on the lease, both of whom meet the age requirements, residency or taxpayer requirements set forth herein, be members or the same immediate family, and have the same residence address. For those leases that commenced prior to January 1, 2005, the number of lessees listed on any lease after January 1, 2006, shall be limited to two names, each of whom must meet the age requirements and residency or taxpayer requirements set forth herein.

Effective as of January 1, 2006, all cabanas and changing rooms at the North Beach facility shall be leased only to full-time Narragansett residents or property owners paying real estate taxes of $800 per year or more. All lessees must be at least 21 years of age.

For purposes of this policy a full-time resident shall be defined as a person who is living in Narragansett year-round with no present intention to move. Proof of residency may be established with a Rhode Island driver's license containing a Narragansett address, registration to vote in Narragansett, and proof that all motor vehicles owned by the resident are registered in the State of Rhode Island with a Narragansett address or other similar information satisfactory to the Town. Individuals with an out-of-state license, who are registered to vote in other communities or have their vehicles registered outside of Narragansett, shall not qualify as a resident of Narragansett for purposes of this policy.

The right to lease cabanas and changing rooms cannot be passed on to or assigned except as provided for herein. Effective as of January 1, 2005, no rental agreement shall have more than two names on it, each of whom must meet the criteria to rent a cabana or changing room. Any rental agreement in effect as of January 1, 2005, containing more than two names shall, upon its renewal in 2006, be modified and amended to only contain two names as lessees, both of whom must meet the age requirements and either the residency or taxpayer requirements. When one of the names on the agreement passes away or otherwise decides not to remain as a lessee, the remaining individual may continue to rent the cabana or changing room. However, he or she shall not be allowed to add any additional names to the rental agreement. When the remaining lessee passes away or ceases to have an interest in renting the cabana or changing room, the Town shall offer it to the first person on the appropriate waiting list.

All new rental agreements containing the names of individuals who did not lease a cabana or changing room during 2005 shall be limited to having two names on the agreement. Both names must meet the requirements for age, residency, or taxpayer status, and both names must have the same residence address and must be members of the same immediate family. If a person named in a rental agreement ceases to meet the qualifications, then his or her name shall be stricken, and the remaining tenant shall not be allowed to add a new name to the agreement.

The Parks and Recreation Department shall maintain a waiting list for cabanas and changing rooms. All existing applications on file shall remain on file, provided, however, that any such application that contains more than two names shall be modified to only contain two names. The two individuals named must have the same residence address, must be over 21 years of age, and must be members of the same immediate family.

The waiting list shall be made available in the Town Clerk's office for public inspection and shall be updated quarterly by the Parks and Recreation Department. Annually the Parks and Recreation Department shall be required to verify that all lessees of cabanas and changing rooms meet the qualification contained herein and, in addition, shall be required to verify that the top ten positions on each waiting list be verified to ensure that the individuals meet the qualifications contained herein.

The lockers available for rent in the South Beach Pavilion are not affected by these changes, provided, however, that Narragansett residents and taxpayers as defined herein shall have the first preference to rent the lockers if there is a shortage.

Definition of Key Terms
Principal Lessee
- The person who leases the facility for the summer season is responsible for all payment due for the facility.

Pass Holder - The person whom the principal lessees has provided a facility pass to for the summer season. These passes are non-transferable.

Adult - Any person 18 years of age or older.

Youth - Any person 12-17 years of age.

Seniors - Any person 62 or older.

Cabana Lot
Only vehicles listed on Principal Lessee’s Application and in possession of a cabana hangtag will be allowed access. The red hangtag is the only hangtag allowed in the numbered space for the unit. The additional transferable silver color hangtag is only allowed to be in the additional spaces along the fence. Parking for the 2nd pass, the silver color transferable pass is available on a first come first served basis.

Cabana Admissions Policy

  • Entrance into the Cabana area will only be permitted with an individual facility pass. Without the individual facility pass, a daily admission fee will be charged to the individual.
  • For security purposes facility holders are asked to keep their units locked when they are not in the immediate area and to secure their unit before leaving for the day.
  • Facility passes transferred to an unregistered individual or used in any fraudulent manner will be confiscated and not replaced.
  • The misuse of facility passes may impact the principal lessee(s) eligibility to renew in future years.
  • Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult.

Cabana Pass Holders Policy

  • Each principal lessee receives a facility pass.
  • The remaining facility passes are for guests of the principal lessee(s) for the season.
  • If a cabana has only one principal lessee, there would be five facility passes for the guests of the principal lessee for the season.
  • These guests may be Narragansett residents or non-residents.
  • All information on facility pass holders must be clearly stated on the application.
  • Lost or stolen passes may be replaced for the following fee: Adult $50 / Youth $20 (twice the cost of the original pass)

 Cabana Parking Policy

  • Upon entrance into the lot, all patrons in the vehicle must be in possession of their facility cards or be assessed a $12 admission fee.
  • Upon entering the lot, attendants will be asking for cards for all guests in the vehicle.

Transferable Hangtag Parking Policy

  • Each facility will be issued two (2) transferable hangtags.
  • The cabana lot will be restricted to the vehicles with cabana hangtags, limited staff/concessions parking, and special event parking designated by the Town for a town-sponsored event.
  • One (1) red color transferable hangtag will be designated for the assigned, numbered space for the unit.
  • One (1) silver color transferable hangtag can be used in any of the non-numbered spaces on an availability basis.
  • Each transferable hangtag must be displayed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle at all times.
  • This red transferable hangtag is the only pass allowed in the principal lessee assigned, numbered spot.
  • When the spaces in the cabana lot are all filled the transferable hangtags will be honored in the North or South Lot on an availability basis.
  • Lost or stolen hangtags may be replaced for a $100 fee.
  • Once again, the silver color guest hangtag is NOT allowed in the numbered principal lessee assigned spot.
  • A cabana holder using the cabana lot with a handicap placard must display both hangtags from the rear-view mirror. NO exceptions.

Cabana Parking for Special Events

  • Cabana Lessees will not be allowed to enter or park their vehicles in the Cabana Lot after 4 pm.
  • Cabana lessees wishing to stay at the beach for these events must move their vehicles at 4 pm to the northern portion of the cabana lot. Parking will not be allowed in the southern portion of the lot.
  • Parking will be on a first come first serve basis for available spots.
  • Additional parking is permitted in the other lots on a first come, first serve basis and the hangtags will be accepted.

** All Cabana hangtags must be returned to the Parks and Recreation office by September 30th**