DPW Projects

June Surface Treating of Roads to Commence

Beginning Monday June 15th, 2015, Comer Contracting will be applying a surface treatment to the following roads in Narragansett:

Fiore Drive, Frank Low Street, Summer Court,
Earles Court, Noble Street, Arciero Court,
Knight Street, High Street, Glenwood Avenue, Rosewood Avenue,
First Street, Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street
Terra Drive, Kathy Ann Drive, Eddy Lane, Emma G Lane, Jenny Lane
  Woodruff Avenue (25 ft west of the bridge to Telephone Pole #1)
Ninigret Road (from 1A to the dead end)

Why Surface Treat?
Surface treating (also known as Stone Sealing) is a cost effective method of treat pavement surfaces to slow down the rate of deterioration and extend the useful life of the pavement. To be a good candidate for this treatment, the pavement needs to be structurally sound with no significant defects. The roads that have been selected have already been Crack Filled with any localized defects repaired by hot patch. Stone Sealing, Crack Filling and Hot Patching are key components of a strong Pavement Preservation Program.

The Stone Sealing needs at least a week to cure and set, and for traffic to work the stone in. After at least a week has passed, Public Works sweepers will come and sweep up the excess stone.

Who is Comer Contracting and How Did They Get The Job?
In September of 2013, the Town of Narragansett advertised for bidders for this Stone Sealing Project. Three companies submitted bids, and Comer Contracting was awarded the project by submitting the lowest bid.

Comer Contracting Inc., from Farmington, CT serves Southern New England with asphalt products and services to maintain and preserve municipal highways. In addition they provide commercial and residential pavement and surface treatments throughout the Farmington Valley.