Solid Waste & Recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Solid Waste & Recycling

The Town of Narragansett’s solid waste and residential recycling ordinance mandates the separation of recyclable materials from solid waste by all residents of the town, including those in single family and all types of multi-unit dwellings and complexes. It also requires commercial haulers who collect or transport solid waste and/or recyclable materials to apply for and obtain an annual license.  In addition, all haulers serving residential accounts must provide recycling collection as an integral part of their residential subscription service.

The main goal of the ordinance is to help the Town of Narragansett meet or exceed a municipal recycling rate of 35% and solid waste diversion rate of 50% as set by RIGL 23-18.9-1 in an effort to extend the life of the central landfill in Johnston.  The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation published their 2014 rates in early April of 2015 showing that, for the second year, Narragansett met the mandate requirement with a recycling rate of 39.3%.  Our diversion rate of 40.4% still leaves room for improvement to reach the 50% goal.  While these rates certainly show progress, the Town still has work to do to sustain our recycling rate above 35% and to improve our overall diversion rate.   Cooperation and compliance on the part of the haulers and residents is vital to achieve this goal. 

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Solid Waste & Recycling Collection

The Town of Narragansett does not provide solid waste or recycling collection.  Residents have the option of contracting with a licensed hauler or taking their trash and recyclables to the Rose Hill Regional Transfer Station in South Kingstown and participating in the “Pay As You Throw” bag & tag program.  By ordinance, all residents, whether they use the transfer station or contract with a commercial hauler, must separate recyclable materials from solid waste and recycle them. Residential and commercial hauler non-compliance may result in fines.

Your cooperation and compliance with the solid waste and recycling ordinance is appreciated. The Town of Narragansett looks forward to continually sustaining a high recycling rate through the joint efforts of town staff, the commercial haulers and all residents. For additional information, questions or concerns please contact the Recycling Coordinator.

Rose Hill Regional Transfer Station

Rose Hill Regional Transfer Station, operated by the Town of South Kingstown, is located at 163 Rose Hill Road in South Kingstown one-half mile north of Saugatucket Road (783-4554). To encourage recycling, the Rose Hill Regional Transfer Station utilizes a "Pay As You Throw” bag & tag waste program. You supply the bag and purchase an adhesive tag that goes around the neck of the bag prior to disposal. Because all recycling is free, the more you recycle, the less trash you have and the more money you save on tags. Narragansett and South Kingstown both require by ordinance that all residential users of the transfer station recycle defined materials as a condition for use of the facility.

Click here to see the Rose Hill Regional Transfer Station brochure and a list of accepted solid waste and recyclable materials.

For more information on using the transfer station, click here to go to the South Kingstown Solid Waste Division home page.

Licensed Commercial Hauler Options

All commercial haulers collecting solid waste and/or recycling in Narragansett must be licensed by the town. Residents opting to have their trash and recycling picked up by a commercial hauler must contract with a licensed hauler. Prices among haulers may vary.

Current Licensed Haulers
Commercial Hauler License Application

As a condition of licensing, all haulers must collect recyclables on a regular schedule. Residents should contact their private hauler for information on their recycling service and schedule.

Commercial haulers wishing to obtain and complete a hauler license application should contact the Narragansett Recycling Coordinator.

e-Waste Drop-off
A container for old electronics (“e-waste”) is located at the Department of Public Works Maintenance Facility, 260 Westmoreland Street, Narragansett. Access is available Monday-Friday from 7:30am-3:00pm.


Electronic Recycling
Click here to find additional information on electronic waste (e-waste) recycling for residences and businesses as well as organizations, retailers and manufacturers who have e-waste recycling programs.